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Gail's happy to see you here



NEW Album forthcoming--GO to Gail's Official New site to pre-order!!

Gail Ann Dorsey is on tour with David Bowie! Now has all the information.

We've got a photo Gallery! Nip over to History and check it out.

New News! Including Gail gigs and a live radio show!

Downloads has many new songs in it. Go listen!

GADLinks has been updated.

Discography has been updated for 2002.

Due to the old server closing, we now have a new Message Board in the Interact page.
The Guestbook is still up--read others's entries and post yourself!

The History page now has a page of Links.

Discography page is getting fuller.

The Now page has been updated--more shows coming up!
Been having some difficulty with my storage place for Downloads, but the video links are working again.

The Music page has been updated. It now contains Downloads with links to video clips!

The Interact and Webmaster links are working. Interact contains a Messageboard and Guestbook.
Give them a look and post something! The Now page has been updated.

The Now, History, Music links are working. Now has a link to Updates in it, and there's another in the Index page.
History has a link to a partial (for the moment) Discography that will be growing steadily as I get more information.
Eventually there will be a link in each artist's name that leads to a page with more information and purchase information.


Questions? Broken Links? Advice? Information? Please kindly email kiarrith@davidbowie.com


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